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For centuries, Saffron has been a key ingredient in dishes from cuisines all over the world. To supply those cooking all these wonderful dishes with the right product, USA Saffron aims to deliver the highest quality Saffron for the best price. Our team is working continuously to provide our clients with premium products and services.

On our webpage, you can find Saffron in all quantities and packages, from one gram to dozens and from small jars to complete gift boxes. Besides providing Saffron products, we have a list of delicious recipes that contain Saffron.

Through socializing with farmers, we have formed a solid bond of trust and partnership with our growers, who take great pride in their work and the knowledge they are keeping alive a tradition that is thousands of years old.

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About us


Our Saffron

USA saffron only uses the most superior grade of saffron. This is called Negin Saffron.

The red stigma tip provides the highest level of flavor, color, and aroma intensity. Unlike some inferior products you may come across, our saffron is never dyed or mixed with cheaper grades. Perhaps that’s just one of the reasons we are the preferred supplier to several Michelin starred restaurants. As you can see, we place great importance on making our packaging both attractive and pragmatic for people to use. Inside each jar and pack, consumers can find information about the provenance of our product as well as interesting and creative recipes for them to try at home. Our Saffron is made up of all red stigmas which have been professionally cut and separated from the style by hand, making sure there is no break or damage to the saffron threads. It’s then Naturally Flash-Dried, a method Premium Saffron has used and perfected, meaning it’s dried so fast that it loses no taste, vitamins, nutrients, or minerals in the process. You can test the quality of our saffron with just your eyes and
nose. As soon as you open each of our Premium Quality saffron packages you will experience an amazing natural blood-red color that comes along with the smooth, nice smell of this magical spice that spreads over the kitchen. This strongly proves that our Saffron has no artificial components and is 100% Natural and of high quality. The deep natural red color is rated as “Grade A Saffron” in the world and it comes with an inspiring scent that you can find only in our Saffron.

What Makes Our Negin Saffron So Great?

It’s fresh, pure, and high-quality.

FRESH One of the best methods to test the freshness is to take a look at the color of the saffron. Look for a vivid crimson red on all threads (not partial). The darker colors or light orange threads offered in powder formats in other stores are just the lower quality of saffron. Negin Saffron’s vivid, strong, and Natural redness in all threads means they’re natural, pure, and very fresh. PURE A lot of companies on the market today mix their saffron with other ingredients and make it as a powder to weigh up the product cheaper and charge more. Again, a great way to check purity is to look for the strong vivid red tips (All red) as proof that the saffron threads are all-natural and pure. QUALITY When you have a fresh and pure product, you will most likely have very high-quality saffron. In grade A saffron you cannot find any stigmas that have any color except deep vivid red. Most saffron products offer their rating grade on their pages. Our Saffron is rated as one of the best saffron worldwide by lab testing as the highest quality of saffron in the world!

Our vision, mission, and long-term goals.

One of our fundamental and core missions is to spread the best quality saffron worldwide.

We need to give you the same cultural feeling you can experience from our saffron farm partners. We care about the planet and the environment. That is why we have chosen a BIO product with all standard health requirements, which shows that
harvesting and packaging are done in high-quality environmental conditions. USA saffron specializes only in whole red thread high-quality saffron in the world. Our mission has always been dedicated to offering premium quality saffron and top saffron grades. Our Saffron is harvested from Pure Saffron Farms and its 100% Natural red Threads have no chemical or preservative additives. As a company, we give value not just only to our product and customers, but also to our suppliers and our employees. We care about our product, and that is why we are always next to our suppliers from the harvesting process until the delivery. Our team works with the best suppliers and constantly monitors their working principles. We regularly discuss the latest products in meetings with our suppliers. To supply you in a representative way, our team is looking for the best packaging process in this phase by giving our product love, value, elegance, and harmony. Above all, we hope to convey to you the elegance that we enjoyed collecting saffron. Saffron is a unique choice for people who can find special details and many options. Every person, distinguished by their feelings, emotions, preferences, and values, will create a unique harmony with saffron. You are the one who chooses different flavors from millions of foods.


We began our business by serving some of the most prominent specialty stores and restaurants in the US. Time passed and the word about service, dependability, fairness, and product quality successfully reached far and wide.

At present, we have thousands of loyal customers across the US. Since we decided to bring our store online, we have been lucky to get the trust and loyalty of saffron spice lovers around the globe. This is what we love to do and we continually do our best to offer you the highest and premium saffron spice quality at the lowest price in the market. We are honored to offer one of the most competitive prices in the market by reducing the hands of traders between farmers and our valued customers. Also, we provide one of the fastest shipping available in the market with a support of a 24/7 customer support hotline.

Why is the price so fair?

High-quality Saffron provided directly from the farms with no intermediary in between

At our fair low prices, you might be wondering how we can claim to be selling only the purest and finest saffron in the United States. The answer is just so simple. Low saffron production and a long chain of middlemen between you and the farmer are the main reasons for the high price of saffron.

Buy Saffron from A Trusted Saffron Source

You need to be very cautious when purchasing saffron for you to get pure saffron. Why buy from us?

1) 100% organic saffron 2) All red saffron filaments 3) Saffron from the latest crop year 4) 100% Premium Grade A+ Saffron 5) Beautiful packaging 6) Low price 7) Next business day shipping through the United States Postal Service 8) We offer a 100% refund of the amount you paid if you do not love our saffron

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Buying without intermediaries allows the producer to obtain better prices. this help generate better jobs and social


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our farmers harvest the flowers (crocus sativus) by hand and after that our labor force removes the stigmas (saffron threads) also by hand one by one in a sterilized environment.

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