What is saffron?

The red gold spices

         Various spices and herbs are quickly becoming popular throughout the world.

 saffron is one of them.

       Saffron is the most luxurious spice compared to other spices in the world.

It’s required from the dry stigma of a flower called crocus satirus. ( the scientific name of saffron ) 

Saffron is a very expensive spice because only a small part of the plant (crocus satirus) gets harvested and the process of production and harvesting is all labor-intensive.

Also, it’s a very rare product that grows in a specific environment and climate. That’s why it’s famously known as the red gold spice.

Saffron is produced in Iran, Spain, Afghanistan, Morocco, Greece, India, and Italy.

Nowadays saffron is mostly produced and exported in Iran and is used in different fields such as medicine, perfumery, dye, and culinary purposes.


            Soil is the most important element in growing the best quality saffron, the second element being climate.

The proper soil to grow saffron is light soil and a mixture of sand and clay, so it provides adequate nutrients for the growth of the saffron plant.

 Hence, heavy clay soils should be avoided as they are not suitable for saffron cultivation.


            Saffron grows significantly in warm subtropical climates and needs at least 8-12 hours of sunlight for better growth.

It’s better to use fertile and drained land to have the best crop.

 Also, the suitable PH for saffron cultivation should be between 6-8 and the best temperature is 35-40 C.

In general, the amount of rainfall, temperature, and suitable soil directly affect the aroma, color, and overall quality of saffron.


          6-8 weeks after planting the crops and when the flowers are completely open, the stigmas are ready to be harvested. Each corm produces one flower with 3 stigmas.

 The best planting period for saffron is from June to September and flowering begins in October of the same year.


Saffron is most commonly hand-picked for harvesting. The harvesters have to work quickly to make sure they pick the flowers in time. The harvesting should be done when the flowers are freshly bloomed and that time is early morning when the sun is rising.