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  • Saffron, also known as red gold, is the most luxurious spice throughout the world. It’s used in different fields other than culinary, such as perfumery, dyes, and also medicines and creams.

    100% pure, fresh, natural, and organic red saffron.

    All red super Negin saffron.

    Grade A super Negin saffron threads.

    Best in flavor, color and aroma.

    From the latest crop year.

    Product of Iran.

    Unique packaging.

    Lab tested: our super Negin saffron is lab tested in the USA for quality and purity, so you can be sure it has the highest levels of Safranal for the aroma, Picrocrocin for the flavor, and crocin for the color.

    Hand-picked: our super Negin saffron is handpicked with at most care and precision. Every single thread of saffron is handled by our specialist to make sure everything is just right for our valuable customers.



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